Board of Directors
Mission Statement
The Blackland Farm Managers Association is dedicated to improving the management requirements needed to protect the high organic soils of eastern North Carolina and to develop the fertile, black farmlands to their fullest potential. We will use the knowledge and talents of our members and take advantage of the educational resources available to us that will enable us to be good stewards of the land today, and for future generations.
Troy Slager / Southland Farms
Pantego, NC 27860
Phone: 252-043-4699 
Vice President
Hope Tetterton / DHT Farms
Pantego, NC  27860
Phone: 252-927-3475
County Representatives
Beaufort County - Derrick Tetterton
Hyde County - Ray Tooley
Tyrrell County - Jeff Sparks
Washington County - Buster Manning
Beaufort/Washington Industry Rep - Jimmy Latham
Hyde/Tyrrell Industry Rep - Trey Liverman