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September 28, 2016
Beaufort, Hyde, Washington, and Tyrrell County Corn Hybrid Trial Results
On behalf of Andrea Gibbs, Anna-Beth Williams, and Clayton Butcher, please see the attached file containing the results of our 2016 Corn Hybrid Trial.

This year, we planted three replicated trials, and one strip trial.

The early wet weather in Terra Ceia destroyed the plot we had under a center pivot with 3B Farms. Hermine flattened the strip trial at Green Valley Farms in Columbia.

The replicated trial in Belhaven with Haslin Farms, and the replicated trial in Engelhard with Middle Creek Farms, were both harvested and the data is recorded in the attached table.

Due to planter operator error (me), we removed the first six hybrids from the trial in Belhaven (Pioneer and Mycogen entries). This is denoted on the table. Be aware of this as you look at the overall averages.

We want to thank all the farms mentioned here who were willing to allow us to plant these plots. In addition, we want to thank East Coast Equipment for the donation of the planter used to plant these trials, and the Blackland Farm Managers Association for the lease of the tractor needed to operate the planter.

Thanks also to all the companies that participated. Finally, thanks to 3B Farms for purchasing a small combine for us to use in harvesting our plots (we used this machine to harvest the Belhaven trial) and Adrian Boyd with Pioneer for the use of his weigh wagon. Thanks to Dr. Ron Heiniger and his crew for picking the trial in Engelhard.
Download 2016 Hybrid Corn Trial Results Here